This style of inflatable boat is not very popular these days.Advantages

of this style of boat is they are light weight in most cases.These boats

have a single layer hull with timber slats inserted into it. There is not a

lot of support to stand on and the timber slats tend to break.When there

is water in these boats it will pool around where you are standing and

give you wet feet. This style of boat is mainly used as tender boats and

rolls up with the timber slats inserted.


Sport floor boats have an insert timber or alloy floor with an inflatable

keel between the floor an the fabric hull. The inflatable keel gives the

boat a v hull which allows the boat to plane. Water in the boat will sit

under the floor and give a dry surface to stand on.These boats can be

rolled up after the insert floor has been removed. This style of boat will

make a good fishing boat or work boat.Not so good as tender boats as

they tend to be heavy and the floor has to be removed to roll it up.


Airdeck floors are very popular as these boats give a lightweight boat

with a v hull and a firm base to stand on.They are the same hull design

as the sports floor but the timber or alloy deck has been replaced with

the airdeck. To roll up deflate all the chambers, roll around the

transom and put it in the bag. Airdecks are great as tender boats and

people touring in caravans as they are light weight and there is

very little assembly.


Rigid hull boats have either a fibreglass or alloy hull with the inflatable tubes

attached to the top of the hull. A rigid hull will give better performance as there

is no flex in the boat and usually have a deeper v hull.As tender boats these boats

are a bit harder to carry as most of the weight is in the hull which throws the

balance off. Very popular as tender boats. This style of boat can not be rolled up

but the pack size can be reduced by deflating the tube and folding them into

the hull

There are other styles of boat but these are the main types. I hope this helps you understand inflatables a little better.

Safe boating


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